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Things to know about massages

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Relaxing Thai Oil Massage

It is gentler than the traditional Thai massage, with many stroking, flowing elements and has a deeply relaxing, meditative effect.

This massage can be perfectly combined with the traditional Thai massage. Treat yourself to a two-hour mixed massage. First an hour of classical Thai massage, which promotes mobility and relaxes the muscles, and then an hour of relaxation at its finest with the oil massage. You will be thrilled!

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The Aromatherapy Massage

The combination of massage and aromas in aromatherapy massage is very well chosen, as the two levels of perception never interfere with each other, but when correctly adjusted they strengthen each other positively.

Man has known the power of smells for thousands of years. With heavy smoke, delicate scent and healing vapours, evil spirits and diseases of all kinds are still being driven out today. Manual therapy, i.e. treatment with the hands, is also a very old form of therapy. Knowledge of the positive medical and psychological effects of different massage techniques is also part of the human heritage.

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The Traditional Thai Massage

It is a massage technique known in Thailand as the "ancient healing touch".

Traditional Thai massage consists of passive stretching movements derived from yoga, joint mobilisation and pressure point massages. Ten selected energy lines, which according to Ayurvedic teachings draw through the body as an energetic net, are worked through the massage with gentle stretching and rhythmic pressure from the ball of the hand, thumb, elbow, knee and feet.


The Thai Oil Massage

This massage combines the gentle and flowing elements of the Relaxing Thai Oil Massage with the Traditional Thai Massage.

It is the combination of the massage techniques against cramps with targeted pressure on trigger points and promotion of mobility combined with deep relaxation.


The Head and Shoulder Massage

The muscles are relaxed and blood circulation stimulated by traditional stretches, rotations and precise pressure massages that have been tried and tested for centuries. The entire neck and shoulder area is soon noticeably relieved, the muscles are clearly relaxed. Tension headaches and other problems caused by cramps and tension disappear.


The Thai Foot Massage

It is a powerful massage of the feet and legs up to the knees. You will feel both relaxed and stimulated. The effect is not limited to the feet and legs. The reflex zones there stimulate various internal organs and almost the entire body.


The Swedish Massage

During this form of massage the back is kneaded, the back area and the skin are so to speak smoothed out and stimulated in circular movements. This form of massage is recommended for anyone who has to do with classical muscle tension. And not only that, but also people who do not have back problems can benefit from the massage. With all massages it is achieved that the person can relax well and come to rest internally or externally. If you have back pain, you can enjoy more relaxed muscles afterwards.


The Sport Massage

The sports massage works locally and goal-oriented as pre- or post-treatment during sports activities.


The massage serves for general relaxation and health care. The masseuse is not a doctor or therapist. This means that no diagnosis can be made and no therapeutic advice given.

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